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When purchasing a complete solution from OOBAXS we understand you want to get the most amount of tangible product (including hardware and software) as the budget will allow.  It is for this reason that OOBAXS has developed the Partner Pro Service. The Partner Pro Service choice allows you to maximize your purchase with deeply discounted service prices that will make you confident in your decision to allow us to service you, rather than doing it yourself. We all know that first-time deployments typically have issues and intricacies that we don’t anticipate; the Partner Pro Service solution is the perfect solution to help you be efficient with your remedies, so as not to lose time and money trying to figure out a solution, when the solution is just a phone call away. The Partner Pro Service pricing is structured to be affordable and efficient, so that you can realize top expertise for maintaining your solutions, allowing you to focus on the usage of them. With Partner Pro Service you get a complete post-installation overview and training on the services provided complete with all applicable drawings and any customization that is necessary. OOBAXS’ daily rates are more than competitive ranging from $1,600 to $2,000.  Based on our 10-hour work day, your rate is only $160 to $200 per hour.    Additionally, we do something that is NOT standard in our industry:  with a 2-day minimum, all expenses are also included!  Our team will service your company’s needs no matter where you are located in our coverage area. This means that you can benefit from the most efficient SEs available with expertise specific to your solution no matter where in our coverage area you are located… Partner Pro Service $2,000 to $1,600 per day (Expenses Included/2-Day Minimum)
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