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Time, Expenses, and Materials (T E A M)

The TEAM Service Solution is probably the most typical found across most industries today.  When a company like yours is satisfied with the expertise of a specific company, individual, or discipline, it can contract for services based on actual expenses and an hourly rate.  OOBAXS.COM offers this solution, as well.  Based on our 10-hour work day, the hourly rate equates to approximately $240 to $280 per hour (depending on the solutions involved). The TEAM solution can be purchased under an open PO based on pre-determined objectives, or a pre-determined period of time based on your allowable budget.   (Please note that this option will only allow us to accomplish as much as is feasible in the time frame allowed). The TEAM Pro solution can be very beneficial for: Last minute needs Unscheduled outages and repairs Emergency Services Design and Consultation Out-sourced Expertise One-Off Deployments (Where Training In-House there is just no ROI) TEAM Pro Services can be purchased by: Hours, Days, Weeks, Ad-Hoc, Monthly, Quarterly, and by Annual Retainer When NOT to use TEAM Pro Services: In an industry where the old term “Paper-Engineers” is frequently used, there is still cause for concern regarding an expert’s credentials!  How do you really know what you are getting in a Systems Engineer and what is their work ethic all about?  Since this can range from expert to expert and company to company… it may not be beneficial in a lot of scenarios to make an hourly commitment.  OOBAXS can only speak to its own reputation and expertise; however, we suggest that if you find yourself in circumstances where you do not know someone’s work ethic, and/or there is a question about their expertise, that you seek an agreement for completion of a task or job in advance of starting the project, and require an all-inclusive fee for the work (flat-fee). While OOBAXS also offers a flat-fee basis for projects, you can rest assured that we will not enter into any agreement for services unless we are able to service your company completely.  In other words, we do not enter into any agreement if we do not possess the expertise required to bring a project to completion in an expert and timely fashion.  This is the level of integrity you should demand from any service provider. All OOBAXS SE’s are factory-trained and certified with many years of demonstrated knowledge and expert performance.  In most cases a direct apprenticeship has occurred not unlike that required by today’s unions and specific trades.  OOBAXS will only deploy personnel who possess the necessary expertise to complete a project to your satisfaction.  If there is ever a case when we cannot meet the required level of expertise, we will refer you to another partner solution provider. Should you require a resume of documented experience for any of our team members, please feel free to make that request.
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